Chairmans message

by: chairdan


Hello BHC,

I have been contacted by a small number of people asking why we decided as a committee to not enter into league hockey post lockdown 2.0 and to not train beyond 12th December. So I thought I would share the logic of the committees decisions.

We met on the 2nd of December and decided that we wouldn’t enter into competitive hockey for the remainder of 2020, we based the decision on the safety of our members we felt that by having to travel to games and have teams travel to us was a risk that we weren’t comfortable taking. England hockey gave clubs the choice at this stage we didn’t know what all the leagues would do, since we took the decision Hampshire have made the same decision to not go ahead with hockey and local clubs Yateley & Camberley & Farnborough also made the same decision.

Each year we make block bookings of the pitch these came to an end on the 12th December and we decided that that would be our last hockey of 2020, I know that we could have looked to book training beyond that but we took the decision that we didn’t want to risk any infections to our members & their families in the fortnight before Christmas. I also know there are selected coaches that wanted to train but we felt that making a club wide decision was the best way forward. Putting the decision on individual coaches to decide if their teams could train was in my opinion unfair, so we decided for them.

We made both of these decisions club wide and did so decisively and clearly so the everybody knew what was happening in December.

There is no final decision on the shape of the leagues to come, however the indications from the county is that the 2020/21 season will be completed and we await the decision on how that will be achieved. So my intention at this time is to not issue any membership refunds as the season will be completed. For junior members this will likely mean an increased length of the season.

I know these are difficult times and I don’t expect everyone to agree with all the decisions we take as a committee but rest assured we make the decisions with everyone’s best interested at heart.

Stay safe everyone, have a fabulous Christmas and I really look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2021