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Club House Update

by: admin


Hello BHC and guests of BHC in September 2021

We have an outbreak of legionella at the facility.

This affects both the showers and the whole of the first floor. So we have no choice but to not allow any water to be used in Maidenwell until approximately 4th October. This includes no access to any changing rooms.
The good news is the council have worked to get the toilets on a new water loop so the downstairs loos are available when we are using the Astroturf’s and a groundsman is in attendance.

The committee are working very hard to put in place work arounds for things like match teas but this is not straight forward. The bar will be open but only selling packaged items. Cans/bottles/chocolate bars etc.

You can help us out in the next month by bringing lots of water with you when you are playing hockey!

Any questions please ask