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Game management system (GMS) and roles that need support!

by: admin


Hello BHC,

Hope you are looking forward to a season of actual hockey, with all the important ingredients like a pint with your mate afterwards and cuddling when scoring a goal!

I wanted to drop you a note on a couple of things, firstly England hockey have released, as part of there new systems of working, a game management system, all players have to register on this. EVERYONE. Each week teams sheets will be submitted on here to EH about scorers, injuries, players.

I know we are close to the season starting but this small bit of admin on each of you is necessary and without it you wont be able to play league games.

Further info (same as on spond) can be found here.

1. Go to and click ‘Register’

2. Select ‘player’, add your details and select your club (get this right!)

3. You’ll get a code sent so you can proceed

4. Complete your full profile

5. Wait for approval from your club

Secondly we are a few roles short to make the next season flow as smoothly as possible

Roma Fox has stepped up (THANKS) to run the social media fees and in our experience this works better with a little teams of 2/3 folks, so do you fancy helping out from the comfort of your phone?? Please contact either Sarah Shearing, who is the committee member running comms or Roma.

We are looking for an umpires co-ordination (pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!) if you have some spare time and don’t mind supporting Eliot Boyd with his plan to increase umpires within the club and help captains find umpires then please contact Eliot


Any questions please shout