General Committee update

by: chairdan


Hello BHC

I hope you are keeping well and Lockdown 3.0 is that last! I want to update you on a few thing regarding the general committee.

Helen Garrett-Lang (Vice chair) & Ian Pett (club captain) are stepping down from the committee, they have been a huge part of what we have been able to achieve over the last 3 years and I owe them a great deal of thanks. They do a lot of work for the club, so much so I have split their roles into 3 new ones.

I’m delighted to say that Eliot Boyd is going to become the vice chair – Hockey lead, dealing with day to day business of playing hockey, managing the section captains and wearing the club captains hat (optional!) and Claire Bowman is going to be vice chair – hockey strategy, identifying top talent within the club, appointing coaches and how to link juniors and adult sections together.

Those eagle eyed amongst you will recognise that both were on the committee last year AND I said two roles into three. So we are looking for folks to take responsibility for;

  1. Policy ownership – ensuring that we are following latest rules on COVID, DBS checks are complete and policies we have in place are relevant
  2. Treasurer – ensuring that all bills are paid and that all monies are collected.
  3. Secretary – this is the link between the General committee and the club, this role will look after comms, ensure club knows what is going on as well as minute the official club meetings.

You don’t need to be a professional in any of these areas to do these roles, what they do require is someone who wants to help make the club better going forwards and are willing to dedicate some of their spare time to it.

We formally meet 4/5 times a year so the rest of the time can be fitted in when you like.

As a member of the general committee you will be able to shape the direction that the club goes in the future, excited by the prospect? Give me a shout!