Ladies 7th XI

by: chairdan


Hello BHC,

Im writing today about a topic we discussed at the last Club’s General Committee (GCM).

A recommendation was put to the GCM that the 7th XI should be withdrawn from the league for the coming 2020/2021 season. This was discussed in detail and the GCM have agreed with this recommendation.

There has been much deliberation on this subject and we want to ensure that any players who are affected will still have the opportunity to play hockey at BHC. Therefore, the committee have added a provision that we arrange some Sunday friendlies to cater for those players that are not able to play for a higher team to ensure that they are still involved should they wish to be.

In addition to this the Club will also be commencing Walking Hockey next season on a mid-week night to which those players will be invited to attend if they choose to.

This decision was not taken lightly and will be reviewed again at the end of next season. We see this as a temporary absence from league hockey and hope to have the 7th XI back up and running as soon as the future is more certain and we have the numbers to accommodate it.

If anyone has any queries or would like to talk this through further please feel free to contact myself or

Many Thanks