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Every year all those that play or are coached by Basingstoke Hockey Club are required to register/re-register their membership.

This forms part of our commitment to ensure that we have the very latest contact details and medical records for those that are in our care. Additionally, each year all members pay a subscription to support the club – which is run as a non-profit organisation overseen by England Hockey’s ClubMark accreditation.

The membership fees for the 2020-2021 season are as follows.


Single senior membership


Senior discounted (Unemployed/18+ student)


Social member


Junior who plays adult hockey


Senior Goalkeeper with own kit


Junior who doesn’t play adult hockey


Family package (2 playing juniors)

*A social member can play up to a maximum of 4 games. If a social member exceeds this, they will be required to play a full membership.

Match Fees






Seniors (2x Training)

As a community club we are committed to ensuring that the cost of membership is not a barrier to entry. If it would be a barrier to you, please discuss with the section captain.