Return to hockey part 2

by: chairdan


Hello BHC

Please find attached the lastest guidance that we are publishing in line with England Hockeys step 2 socially distanced training.

BHC Back to Play Risk Assessment Version 1.2

Covid 19 Guidance to Players and Coaches Version 2.3

Covid 19 Guidance to Parents Version 1.1

Covid 19 Access to Pitch 2

England hockey have submitted a proposal to the government to move to stage 4 and we will update our guidance as appropriate if and when that happens.

England hockey’s 5 stages

Step 1: Training One-to-one / household group – 13th May

Step 2: Socially Distanced Training Small groups but with social distancing in place – 1st June

Step 3: Small Group Training Small group training allowed with some closer contact allowed. Allowing for tackling/marking etc. (some age groups may be allowed to start this stage earlier)

Step 4: Local Match Play Intra club / local matches can happen but restrictions prevent leagues / main competitions resuming (e.g. if travel is still an issue due to car sharing or local lockdowns are in place)

Step 5: Full Competitive Match Play Full leagues / competitions resume

Any questions please ask myself or Ian