Return to hockey post lockdown 3 update

by: chairdan


Hello BHC

We met as a committee last night to discuss the proposed return of hockey from 29th March. Sadly we are still short of full details off England Hockey about what we are allowed to do.

We were able to make some plans, we are going to offer junior hockey from return to mid-July, more details to follow!

Adult Hockey, the leagues covering Men’s 4-6’s & Ladies 2-6’s have already been annulled. The other leagues are waiting for the details from England Hockey before making a final decision, this impacts us as a club in terms of not knowing how much pitch time we might need, coaches that need paying and weekly fees we might collect. In short, we still have a fair chunk of unknowns and we need some certainty on these before a final decision can be made regarding subs.

Last night, the committee debated the club’s financial position and the potential options that we have available to us and in the interest of transparency I’d like to share these with you. The club is in a stable position at the moment. We as a committee have also put some thought into a wish list of what the club would like to invest money into in the short – medium term, e.g. additional storage for hockey equipment, improvements to the conservatory, investment in club coaches, coaching equipment. This list isn’t exhaustive.

So baring that in mind, what I can share with you is that we will be in a position to offer the chance of refunds, and I say chance as I would like you to help make the decision! Normally as the committee we would take the decision but I feel that given the abnormal nature of the situation, I’d like the memberships involvement. I will share a Spond poll with you shortly with two options.

  1. Offer of a refund/discount off subs next year club wide (best guess at this stage £30 per full adult playing member)
  2. Offer refunds to those in need and ask the remaining members to reinvest that refund into the club to enable us to work through the wish list to improve the club.

I look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks, the Committee will next meet on 22nd March.