Stage 4 update

by: chairdan


Hello BHC

EH have agreed with the government we can move to stage 4! which is Local Match Play, you can read what this means here . EH COVID advice   In summary LOADS of admin & rules but we can play games and train in groups up to 30. I will set out below what we are doing as BHC and how we get there.

We have to appoint a COVID officer and that will be Ian Pett.

Every single person who is involved in hockey, umpires, players coaches have to fill in an England hockey participation agreement. EH Particpation agreement this HAS to be done and you wont play hockey until you have completed this.

We have to give England hockey a full list of everyone who has trained within 24 hours! So to facilitate that we are trialling Spond, which is an app and a website. We are setting up a club wide group, there will be separate ones for adults and juniors. We have to check this against the EH list, further comms will come out relating to that later this week.

The EH portal allows us to check who is allowed to train and takes 24 hours to update so you will be unable to join in with hockey (be invited via Spond) unless you have done this. There is a process that captains/team Covid helpers will have to run. Which will be fed out via the section captains.

Our mini time table is;

  • The Ladies 2nd XI is trailing the club Spond Wednesday 12th August.
  • We are aiming to do a club wide Spond trail for training 18th & 19th August.
  • We are then aiming to move to stage 4 (training for up to 30) for training from 25th August.

We are working as quickly as we can to get you back to on the pitch but you as players and participants of hockey are going to have to change the way we are organised about our hockey and you have to be responsible for ensuring you have done admin so you can play.

Id like to thank a few people who are putting a lot of effort in to make this possible. Ian Pett is doing sterling work with risk assesments, Nicola Burridge on setting up spond and keeping everyones data safe. Laura Wares for sorting the facility risk assesement. I know lots are doing a significant amount as well and im very grateful for all the efforts of everyone involved.

See you all on a pitch soon